Friday, December 18, 2015

Decorative Concrete Outdoor Cooking Station

 In Zimbabwe and in many other countries it is not at all unusual for cooking for big social and other occasions to be done on an outside open fire.

The scenario depicted in photo 1 (left) is typical: Large pots are placed on a custom-made metal frame under which a fire is lit on bare ground.

It definitely works but it is disorderly and unsightly, as the picture clearly shows. And after the occasion, you can probably forget about anything growing on the ground where the fire was lit for some years. During that time the bare piece of ground will experience window and rain-caused erosion of the soil, creating an even bigger long-term mess. If there are PVC water or electricity conduit pipes under the makeshift fireplace, they could be toast, as was the case in this instance-a major leak in a plastic pipe under this area went undetected for many months, but the Municipal bill for the wasted water was most definitely felt in the pocket by the tenants.  

It doesn't have to be this way!

Have no fear, Deconcrete comes to the rescue with a functional but sturdy and good-looking solution.


The functional interface on the inside of this simple outdoor fireplace is built of heat-tolerating clay bricks. 

On the outside of the structure is decorative cladding made out of precast glitterstone-embedded concrete slabs. Because they have no direct contact with the heat and because of the open-ventilation nature of the structure, there is no worry about heat-stress of the slabs.






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