Friday, December 18, 2015

Decorative Concrete Indoor Utility Shelves, bathroom 1

Bathroom 1: Adding two low-level utility shelves.

They are sized and positioned to be easily accessible to place items on them by a person either in the bathtub or on the toilet seat. Each of the modular shelves is made up of two decorated concrete slabs, a vertical support slab and above it the horizontal slab that forms the actual surface to place things on. .

One of the decorative slabs that will be used to create shelving. Here it is still dusty, not yet polished.

Cut-outs made in the plastering of the wall. They help to hold the slabs in place, supported by concrete mortaring between the slabs and the exposed brick of the wall.

The vertical and horizontal slabs positioned snugly in their respective retaining cut-outs in the wall.

Here one concrete shelf is in place, the other is still to be positioned into its cut-out.

 Both shelves now in place.



 The height of the shelves was chosen to make it easy and convenient to place items on them by a person siting in the bathtub or on the toilet seat.

The decorative material cast into the slabs was chosen to match the existing decor of the bathroom. 

 Clean up and finishing touches.

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