Friday, December 18, 2015

Functional Decorative Concrete Tables

(A) Heavy Duty Deconcrete Workshop Tables


All these table tops are cast with super-set cement and are strengthened with Brickforce wire mesh as well as re-enforcing steel bars.

They are cast in a permanent angle iron form, which after the curing of the concrete remains a part of the structure to provide additional structural strength and protection of the tables' sharp edges against wear by machinery, tools, passersby, etc. 

All the samples shown here are shown within several days after casting. After a week they put through several 'finishing' touches (manual or power-sanding for various levels of smooth finish are two examples) and then let moist and covered to fully cure for a total of 30 days before they are transportable/usable.

Several mounting options for the table tops are possible depending on the intended usage, where they will be used as well as a customer's aesthetic preferences.

All kinds of  surface designs, from simple to quite elaborate, are possible. 

Deconcrete declares that incorporating functionality, ruggedness and strength doesn't necessarily mean a worskshop table/surface has to be plain or ugly!



(B) Light Duty Deconcrete Utility Table.


Table frame, made of welded square tube.


Precast glitterstone-decorated concrete table top mounted in the frame. 

The Deconcrete table top is re-enforced with builder's wire mesh and re-enforced steel bars.

An attractive, unique, sturdy but relatively portable (two people carrying) table. Ideally suited for outdoor leisure functions. 


Strong as expected of concrete, but pretty too!

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